General information:
The Concordia Ski & Snowboard Club is a student run association located in Montreal, Quebec. Originally founded in the early 90’s, the CSSC quickly grew from a club with roots in alpine racing to it’s current status as a club passionate about all forms of skiing.

We are by skiers, for skiers and believe that getting outside on the slopes is essential to a complete University experience. We try to be as diverse as possible with our ski trips and travel along the East Coast within Canada and the United States to get our members on the chairlift.

The CSSC runs roughly 13 trips in a ski season ranging from mountains such as Stowe, Whiteface, Mont Tremblant, Owls Head, Mont Sutton and many more. In addition to our events on the hill, we also run several events a semester including our Thirsty Thursday parties, SnOAP and regular member gatherings.

2016-2017 Team:
All of our execs are students at Concordia and volunteer their time to keep this club going day after day. Check out their profiles and be sure to say hey if you see them running around campus.


VP Internal – Hannah Sourbeer

14480587_1100227920026426_4475622975204800652_oHead Internal AKA Ms. Behind-The-Scenes, Hannah is responsible for the organization of pretty much anything and everything. When she’s not skiing or boarding (yup, she does both), you can find her double fisting a cheese block and a can of PBR, while simultaneously perfecting the lost art of calligraphy. Hannah’s bad ass attitude has led her to some of her biggest accomplishments, including refusing to get down after climbing a 69ft tree. You can ask her for that story next time you see her!



VP Finance – Matias Fontecilla



Matias Fontecilla is the most chivalrous dude of the group and is known oh too well for reciting romantic poetry to any girl that will listen. Matias, Matty-as, Matius, (no one really knows how to pronounce his name), is CSSC’s VP Finance… meaning he calculates every penny and figures out how we can use the ca$h in order to give YOU the most bang for your buck! He takes his job pretty seriously, as you can tell by the fact that he rarely leaves the house without a tie (photographic evidence presented here). When he isn’t wooing ladies or math-ing, he is shredding up the slopes on his favourite pair of telemark skis.






 Media Officer – Zack Mortimer


A self-proclaimed extroverted introvert (whatever that means), Zack is responsible for making the club look rad. Merchandise, web designs, stickers, membership cards… When it comes to logos, this guy has got your back. Yes, he is a ginger, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying long walks on the beach… while lathered in SPF 69. It would be an injustice to talk about Zmort [AKA Krack AKA Makzo] without mentioning MUSIC, which aside from SKIING, is his #passion. Better get to know him soon if you want your backstage pass to Osheaga 2020.





Michael Galante – Tech Officer



Hailing all the way from the West island, Mike the Tech Guru is the one to thank for the ballin’ new website that just launched (Check it out @ www.concordiass.club). It’s definitely no surprise that this ski veteran put “loves long walks to the bar” over “long walks on the beach” on his tinder profile, after the numerous 69km walks home from our #ThirstyThursdays. If you ask Michael personally, he may tell you that his biggest accomplishment is making it passed the first grade. But we know him well enough to know that he has some other talents hidden up his sleeve…. #DOABACKFLIP




 Luke Trepanier – VP External



5th up to the plate, we have Luke Trepanier! Part-time skater, part-time sloth, this dude knows how to CHILL. Born and raised in Victoria, BC, he has spent the last three years in Montreal still living on “Island Time”. Luke is our VP External, meaning he’s CSSC’s link to all the brands and sponsors that we partner with throughout the season. For our members, that means he’s in charge of the discounts associated with your memberships.. so be extra nice to him! If you happen to find yourself chatting this guy up, you’ll probably either be hearing about his angel of a niece (aka his Forever #1, sorry ladies) or the tale of all tales, and reason all former 69¢ taco lovers have shunned him until the end of time. We don’t want to steal his thunder though, so I guess you’ll have to swing by and ask him yourself.




Devon Phelps – VP Events



Now here’s our favourite blonde of the crew, miss Devon Phelps!! Although not an Olympic swimmer like her fellow Phelps, we still think she’s the better of the two, and will surely be shredding past you any day or night at gold medal speed. Devon is our VP Events AKA VP Fun, so she’s the one organizing all of our après skis, wild Thirsty Thursday Bangers, and who even knows what else that girl might have up her sleeve?! If you want to pick her out in the crowd to give her a quick high five for throwing the party of the year, just look for the girl doing the stanky leg to basically any tune of the evening, and if you don’t catch her at the bar, just hit the closest poutine stand and you’ll be sure to find her most likely already 3 poutines deep with a big ol’ gravy grin.





Pierre-Louis Larochelle – VP Communications


PL, Pierre-Louis, P Poil Big Numba, Grandpa? Call him what you will, he’s our third fresh face in the gang and our VP Communications. Making sure all info is flowing to and fro between execs as easily and quickly as beer at one of our Thirsty Thursdays is his job #1, but this big kid is pretty much just a jack of all trades. Besides being a semi-pro fb group chat coordinator, this guy DEFINITELY knows how to party. You guys will all be able to see tomorrow night that this dude is always down for a crazy good time with friends, so get ready for a cracked joke or two, and a potential beer chugging challenge. To end it off, the start of #Movember is the perfect time to introduce good ol’ PL, shedding a tiny sparkle of light onto the best day of his life, the day his moustache finally appeared, and there was no turning back



Amit Rakoff Bellman – VP Marketing



As VP Undeclared, Amit focuses most of his energy on looking SWAG. You may think his classic look of high socks and tucked in pants, rocking a pair of fresh kicks may be due to his deep love of biking, avoiding any and all possible grease stains and accidents, but we all know its for the steeze and to reel in the ladies. To better prove my point, Amit has told us that one of his biggest life accomplishments was being pictured as best dressed man at Gotstyle Luxury Sport Event 2014. Don’t believe us? We’ve got photo evidence to prove it!! http://blog.gotstyle.ca/general/best-dressed-men-gstylesportif-party . One of the ways you’ll be able to spot this chic skier on the mountain (other than the fact he’ll be towering over the rest of us) would be the way he flies down the mountain with true elegance and grace, stemming straight from his ballet upbringing. A true shining star if there ever was one.



Stay tuned for upcoming exec profiles!

Member Managers – Heidi Nixon and Amy Melanson